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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a bank transfer to the following bank account number: 92732179; sort code: 08-71-99
  2. On the memo line of the check, please indicate that the donation is for "MDI"

For international payment, please use the below details

  • Description of transfer/Payment reference: Cashplus92732179
  • IBAN: GB74NWBK60000145719225
  • Swift/BIC: NWBKGB2L

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.


Donation Total: £15.00

We aim to open a centre every year in different countries. We start with Hungary due to the relatively low property prices, the stable political system and the multinational environment in Budapest and its suburban area. 

What will we do in our centre

Provide mental, legal and financial support to families and victims of domestic violence

 We aim to offer a safe environment that victims of domestic violence can use to get away from the perpetrator. The farther, the better. We are on the view that the safest solution for those who were involved in domestic violence in the UK is to be temporarily as far as possible from the person who committed the crime.

Each resident is assigned to a solicitor when they enter our centre. Residents and their children are provided with several opportunities to attend support groups and other special activities throughout their stay.

Support for seniors

For elderly we understand, that without existing savings it is hard to survive from the monthly state pension. Rather than building up debts, failing with payments, going through all the stress and became sooner or later bankrupt, we offer an alternative solution. The savings if there is any or even the monthly  regular state pension, which would not be enough to lead a convenient life in the UK, might be more, than enough with our help to have stress free life in our centre.

We offer our services to those who do not have the financial resource to pay for their life after age of retirement is reached or became incapacitated and the state support (social benefits) does not cover the costs of all area of life.


  • Convenient location of the MDI centre
  • Fully equipped, brand new accommodations
  • Medical care
  • Three meals a day 
  • Ongoing monitoring and assistance

You can stay independent in our MDI centre. Those who stay with us are free to move. We only step in when we are asked to do so or due to emergency it is necessary.

We are however not a medical centre. What we offer seniors is a better life near the capital for quarter of the price what they would need to spend in the UK.

We have a short break for you if you support us.

By donating you not only help seniors, children and families in need to provide them a chance to stay temporarily or permanently in a safe place, but for your donation you also receive an all inclusive holiday in Hungary. Depending on your donation you can stay in our centre for free. How does it work?

By supporting our aim we offer you the following:

  • You receive free stay in our MDI centre (for each £100.00 donation you receive 1 night)
  • Free airport transfer
  • Including breakfast and dinner
  • Upon request discounted car rental
  • Our ongoing help during your stay

This is our gift to you.

Why we offer free stay?

“You believe it when you see it”. Our aim is to be fully transparent. Instead of publishing the result of our campaign, showing you figures, numbers and long boring reports you can come and and see with your own eyes what your donation was used for and how people benefit from this.

MDI Centre location 

Ideal location if you look for a quiet place close to all amenities and to the capital. 35 minutes to the airport and 35 minutes to Budapest.

Who has the central role

Dr Robert Viktor Nagy dual- qualified lawyer manages our organisation. Being a UK solicitor and Hungarian lawyer helps him to navigate in a rapidly changing international environment. He takes full responsibility for the operation of the charity and oversees the whole MDI Centre project. 

What we are doing

  • We offer safe place for domestic violence victims
  • Providing accommodation and treatment for people over the age of 65 service
  • Providing Tele Care service from our centre
  • Free legal representation

How can you help?

  • £10 Provides daily meal for a family
  • £20 Provides 1 hour training for a group of 10
  • £100 Will help our ongoing existence and support (you receive free stay in our MDI centre)
  • £500 All-inclusive care for  a family in our centre (you receive all inclusive 5 nights free stay in our MDI centre)


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Donation Total: £5.00

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