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Free Telecare service in Hungary for UK citizens. The central of our service locates in our MDI Centre. We welcome retired people in our MDI Centre, but we know, that many of elderly generation do want to have an independent life. Wee also know that moorland more people move to Hungary from UK. Even if we can accommodate almost everything, for certain group of elderly people independency means live in a separate accommodation (flat, house) alone or with a partner.

This service has been designed specifically for the elderly, frail and disabled, to ensure that they can live safely and independently in their own home.

How does it work?

Once your new alarm has been installed and tested, your pendant will connect you to our centre. If you fall, feel unwell or are concerned about your safety, simply press the red button on your pendant. An alert call is made to our  centre and we will contact family, friends and/or neighbours (emergency contacts) and the emergency services if you require medical attention.

We ask you to help us and donate to keep our service effective and operational and most importantly free for those who already contributed to our society. Pensioners deserve safe and stress free period during their retirements.

We have a short break for you if you support us.

By donating you not only help seniors, children and families in need to provide them a chance to stay temporarily or permanently in a safe place, but for your donation you also receive an all inclusive holiday in Hungary. Depending on your donation you can stay in our centre for free. How does it work?

By supporting our aim we offer you the following:

  • You receive free stay in our MDI centre near Budapest (for each £100.00 donation you receive 1 hight)
  • Free airport transfer
  • Including breakfast and dinner
  • Upon request discounted car rental
  • Our ongoing help during your stay

This is our gift to you.

What we are doing

  • Setting up fall alarm system
  • Providing 24/7 monitoring service
  • Ongoing online support

How can you help?

  • £100 Provides device and monitoring service to one person (you receive free stay in our MDI centre)
  • £200 Provides device and monitoring service to two person (you receive 2 nights free stay in our MDI centre)
  • £500 Provides device and monitoring service to two person (you receive 5 nights free stay in our MDI centre)

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