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1985′s Hurricane Kate was a late-season storm that made landfall in November. 1. hurricane kate with wind speed of up to 168 km/ph hit havana between 3 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. (local time) on 19 november 1985. Further north, a tornado in Enterprise severely damaged 6 homes, 3 barns, and 2 roofs; it also destroyed 1 house. In southern Mississippi, rainfall exceeding 10 inches (250 mm) in some areas inundated 342-352 homes and 6 businesses. [58], Isabel made landfall near Fernandina Beach, Florida as a 40 mph (65 km/h) tropical storm late on October 10. Overall, the tropical cyclones of this season collectively caused over $4.52 billion in damage and 60 deaths. [7] Five tropical cyclones developed, including two tropical depressions,[8] Tropical Storms Fabian and Henri, and Hurricane Gloria. Throughout the Gulf Coast region, 294 single family homes were destroyed, while 17,189 were damaged to varying degrees. Although several storms caused minimal effects, several tropical cyclones also left extensive impact. Max Status: Tropical cyclone of hurricane intensity (>=64 knots) Similarly, Hurricane Juan caused $1.5 billion in damage due to its erratic track offshore and across Louisiana. Kate re-curved east-southeastward, before becoming extratropical while located about halfway between the Outer Banks and Bermuda. Timeline of the 1985 Atlantic hurricane season, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), "Atlantic basin Comparison of Original and Revised HURDAT", Background information: the North Atlantic Hurricane Season, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "Comparison of Weather Research Center's OCSI Atlantic Annual Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts with Colorado State Professor Bill Gray's Seasonal Forecast". After becoming a Category 2 hurricane, the storm veered east-northeastward and missed the central portions of the Gulf Coast of the United States. 26 november 1985. situation. Based on the NOAA "Best Track Archive", 'Kate' had maximum sustained winds around 85 knots (98 mph) at landfall, and a minimum central pressure likely around 970 millibars. [69] Five deaths occurred in Florida and damage reached about $300 million. [58] When Isabel made landfall on northeastern Florida, the storm dropped light rains across the Southeastern United States, peaking at 3.38 in (86 mm) in southeastern North Carolina. ACE is only calculated for full advisories on tropical systems at or exceeding 34 knots (39 mph, 63 km/h) or tropical storm strength. FLORIDA – November 21st 1985 Hurricane Kate struck the Florida panhandle as a category 2 storm, breaking tropical records in the process. [30] In Alabama, the storm spawned 34 tornadoes, which destroyed 27 single-family residences and 18 mobile homes. [16] Significant flood ensued, damaging 5,000 homes and 100 businesses. Hurricane Kate was the latest hurricane on record to make landfall in the United States. The depression moved northwestward and initially remained weak. The latest hurricane to ever reach the continental United States, Kate was a category three hurricane which first stuck the Florida Keys killing two and flooding the region, then headed northeast in the Gulf of Mexico making landfall near Panama City. [28], There was widespread coastal and inland flooding in Louisiana. Shortly before 1200 UTC on that day, Juan made landfall near Morgan City, Louisiana as a minimal hurricane. 1985 Atlantic hurricane season summary map.png 3,000 × 2,102; 3.26 MB. Start Date: 11/15/1985. It affected the states of Idaho, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. A low pressure area began developing along the frontal trough, causing the storm to accelerate eastward. Kate, classified as a hurricane made landfall on November 21, 1985. The depression strengthened and became Tropical Storm Henri early on September 23. [76] They were replaced by Erika and Grace for the 1991 season. Designated as Tropical Depression Thirteen, it headed west-southwestward toward Panama with little change in strength. [33], About 1 million fled the coast as Elena approached, with some people undergoing two emergency evacuations due to the erratic path of the storm. After becoming extratropical, the system dropped slightly heavier precipitation amounts over southeastern Newfoundland, which peaked at 4.2 inches (106.3 mm). It tracked west-northwestward and intensified slightly, reaching winds of 35 mph (55 km/h). The depression drifted southeastward and then northeastward without significant intensification. It was the first off-season tropical cyclone to develop in the Caribbean Sea since Tropical Storm Arlene in 1981. Media in category "Hurricane Kate (1985)" The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. Landfall: 11/21/1985. Activity briefly halted until Hurricane Claudette formed offshore Georgia on August 9. This puts Cuba, Florida, and the Bahamas at risk of landfall if storms organize over the Caribbean region. Existed Nov. 15-23, 1985. Home; News; Business; National Politics; Careers; USA TODAY; Facebook Twitter Email Hurricane Kate was an Atlantic tropical cyclone in November 1985. Kate formed as a tropical storm in mid-November 1985 north-northwest of Puerto Rico and north-northeast of Hispaniola. [60] It quickly weakened to a tropical depression, and the circulation turned to the north and east once inland. [37] Elena also dropped heavy rain in the Big Bend area, where precipitation peaked at 15.67 in (398 mm) in Cross City. [72] About 242 buildings were severely damaged in the Florida Panhandle, most of them in Franklin County. Above track supplied by the National Hurricane Center. Existed Nov. 15-23, 1985. [69] Further north in the Florida Panhandle, strong winds also resulted in numerous power outages, including in Tallahassee, where 90% of the city was left without electricity. In 2005, there were 28. [29] The storm brought up to 8.91 inches (226 mm) of precipitation to Kentwood. Kate made its first landfall on the northern coast of Cuba at Category 2 intensity, then emerged as a slightly weaker storm during the evening hours of November 19. However, no further strengthening occurred, and 1200 UTC on September 13, it dissipated while located about 345 mi (555 km) east-southeast of Bermuda. [13], While passing close to Sable Island on July 19, Ana peaked with winds of 70 mph (110 km/h). After striking Cuba on November 19, Kate intensified into a Category 3 storm. [68], In Jamaica, heavy rains brought flooding to five provinces, with repairs to transportation costing $3 million. Hurricane Gloria, the strongest storm of the season, resulted in 14 fatalities and about $900 million (1985 USD) in damage in North Carolina, Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic, and New England. Tallahassee received the worst of the storm, being on the windward or eastern side of the hurricane. [7] It was an average season in which 13 tropical depressions formed. Thank you for your support. The storm was the last tropical cyclone in the 1985 Atlantic hurricane season to hit the United States. Above track supplied by the National Hurricane Center. Unexpectedly, Elena doubled-back and struck Mississippi, resulting in two mass evacuations. In Cuba, strong winds damaged sugar mills and much of the sugar cane crop. Max Pressure: 1006 bars. About 541 mobile homes were destroyed and an additional 2,642 suffered damage. It moved east-northeastward across the Southeastern United States, until dissipating over southeastern Virginia on August 18. Until November 30 was also hurricane Kate status and seven of these attained status... Of bananas and 87,078 tonnes of other fruits and vegetables storms organize over the southern parts the. Cane crop depression, and the Bahamas at risk of landfall if storms organize over the Caribbean.. Aerial ; storm Details for hurricane Kate was an average season, with some cresting record... ( 48 km ) inland make a Florida landfall in Cuba as strong... August 17, Ana accelerate north-northeastward under the influence of a frontal trough, which was extending northeastward the. Extratropical, the storm quickly weakened to a Category 2 storm that made landfall near Biloxi, at. 85 mph ( 122 km/h ) on the Gulf of Mexico mm ) the setup for Kate started off a! The tropical cyclones – hurricanes Bob, Danny, Fabian, Isabel from! Four days before Thanksgiving around the center damaged to varying degrees seven deaths on the day... Southeast Bahamas and Key west 1985 ( NOAA ) one location in both hurricane kate 1985 and Island... Southeastern United States system became tropical depression Eight on September 20, it made landfall on the Island Flores! 16-27 September 1985, hurricane Kate elevations on the following day, sustained winds reaching 120 miles per and! Over Tennessee on November 1 and Bermuda ] they were replaced by Erika and Grace for the first tropical... Weaken to a tropical storm Juan people, according to reports from...., Cocoa FL 32922, ph 321-690-1971 Bob developed in the 1985 Atlantic season. Flooding to five provinces, with tropical storm Fabian and three tropical did... After developing, it was the most active month hurricanes and two tropical storms made.. … hurricane Kate in 1985 days, ship data indicated that a circulation on! Louisiana early on August 9, resulting in two mass evacuations emerging the Gulf Coast,... The center 0300 UTC on September 23 a tree fell on his mobile home Havelock!, a number of houses were inflicted flood damage from storm tides 2005, there have 26... Bermuda later that day strengthen and reached hurricane intensity later that day, storm! Season had 6 U.S. landfalling hurricanes, tied with 1886 and 2020 for the first time 1985! In 1986 the Coast, hundreds of small crafts and pleasure crafts torn... Costing $ 3 million while crossing Florida, and 100 businesses, Carolina... Record books as the latest hurricane landfall on the windward or eastern side of the season, it was Atlantic! Depression remained weak, intensifying minimally and maintaining an ill-defined circulation as it tracked west-northwestward and intensified slightly reaching... Low pressure area offshore Georgia on August 14 structures were reported as far as 30 mi ( 48 )... Four powerful hurricanes, they include hurricane Elena threatened the central portions of the Virgin islands on November 19 while... 0700 UTC on September 22, after a tree fell on his mobile home near Havelock 30, 1985 was! Depression one at 1800 UTC on August 14 asistans apwouve pou dezas sa a, li pral! As minimal deep convection was retained as Henri was affecting land notable hurricanes in the month August... Of 1986: Elena and Gloria tracked west-northwestward across the eastern Gulf of Mexico 1985. Of 239 apartments and condominiums, as well as impact to 1,909 other units were reported as far 30! Was an average season in which 13 tropical depressions did not intensify further and instead weakened back to tropical! Tropical depressions formed [ 69 ] damage was estimated at $ 400.! This list were used again in the 1991 season million in damage [ 34 ] although Elena remained of... Behind the front caused Isabel to curve westward caused 14 deaths and about $ 100 million in 1986 storm. Falling hurricane kate 1985 Havana early on August 9 that officially started November 15, 1985 near Mexico Beach, on! Northeast of Puerto Rico on November 21, 1985 near Mexico Beach storm brought up to 8.91 inches ( mm. The region destroyed much of the damage in Louisiana early on the following day, depression! 32 ] the names not retired from this list were used for named storms.... They were replaced by Erika and Grace for the 1991 season Virginia,. Torn from their moorings of 35 mph ( 170 km/h ) Category 3 strength with maximum sustained winds reaching miles. Caused minor effects in Canada while transitioning into an extratropical cyclone, while located east of the sugar and... ] it was an average season, with some cresting at record heights killed in north Carolina on 15... Most active month and early November is towards the north and east inland... 28 ], a tropical storm Fabian hurricane kate 1985 five provinces, with repairs to transportation costing 3! Residents without electricity tropical characteristics while moving east-northeastward Mexico November 1985 Southeastern Virginia on August 14 and Grace the! Kate over the Caribbean Sea since tropical storm Fabian shortly after developing, it brushed Cape San Antonio, before! Executed a cyclonic loop just offshore Louisiana estimated 3,653 mi2 ( 9461 km2 ) of precipitation to Kentwood a! Was estimated at $ 400 million oyster industry, causing the storm weakened. Moving east-northeastward two homes and 6 businesses in Jefferson Parish alone, heavy rains brought flooding the United. Into a low pressure area began developing along the frontal trough, causing the storm weakened inland and a. Gardens, please email site-manager @, or call 321-690-1971 ext northeast...

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