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All members of his church gave up material possessions, to Riker, which is how he could afford to move his flock to the … When we returned however, found that NOT to be the case. A former bartender shared with me that she been hit repeatedly by glasses that will literally just fly off shelves whenever the picture was moved. A ghost of an old waitress has been seen on occasion by at least two employees. The “way” involved celibacy, except for Mr. Riker, temperance, white supremacy, segregation of the races, and segregation of the genders. , © 2015; available for purchase on But at the same time he felt like that was his place to be. Nestled in the heart of Santa Cruz is the stunning Arana Gulch. One employee has seen the ghost of an old woman in the restaurant on more than one occasion, sitting in the back corner admiring a picture. The citizens were given two options: "silver or lead" - work for Santa Blanca, or be killed. According to local historian Phil Reader, the spirit of the 38-year-old has been seen on many occasions wearing a long, dark overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat, in or near the north end of the gulch. Many of these ghost stories are from the author’s published paperback books, The Santa Cruz Ghost Directory © 2018, Supernatural Santa Cruz, © 2011, Supernatural Santa Cruz- Second Edition, © 2013, and The California Ghost Directory, © 2015; available for purchase on The phenomenon was obviously linked to this particular picture. How do I know it was a man? Callahan’s, the biker-friendly bar, opened its doors in the early 80s. Over the years, (particularly in the 90s) several guests have claimed to have actually witnessed Timothy Dame’s ghost dressed in a dark pea coat walk through a window that was once a door. During the days of 35 mm film, the projectors at the theater were known to jam, the lights in the projection room would flicker, and seats in the auditorium are said to have flipped down by an unseen force. An employee shared with me that they were told the area was once an old graveyard hundreds of years ago… but who knows. Written and complied by local author and paranormal investigator, Aubrey Graves. Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia (CNN) — From a distance, it's hard at first to determine what Santa Cruz del Islote actually is. The Santa Cruz Ghost Directory, © 2018  is now available for purchase in paperback on Others have alleged seeing white vaporous clouds floating over the lanes. Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2001. Pit craters, Scalesia Forest, cacti and ferns are found in its vegetation zones. The mysterious, long gray-haired ghost, clothed in a Victorian dress, turned around and looked at him. This isn’t a place where people just pop in; this becomes a second home for a lot of people. Visit Santa Cruz County is a private, non-profit corporation, serving as the official visitor marketing entity for Santa Cruz County. The cottages remained unoccupied until they were turned into a hostel in 1984, and are still used and owned by Hosteling International today. A former bartender has seen male spirits within Callahan’s sitting at the bar and just standing around. The apparition of an Ohlone Indian man has been seen for centuries walking on the side of the highway. Over the years there have been claims of Jose Vicente DeLaveaga haunting his beloved land within the vicinity of the abandoned zoo. These varied landforms support more than 600 plant species in 10 different plant communities, from marshes and grasslands to chaparral and pine forests. Mel then got a spike on her Mel Meter of a 24.9, which is the highest reading she had ever seen. Amy, a staff member, said that since Steve’s death chairs have been pulled out and moved on their own. As soon as we entered the cold, dark, damp basement we both sensed a strong male presence in the back corner, near the old door that lead to the old underground tunnels beneath Pacific Avenue. The retired sailor died at his work, which was the former IXL Lime Works in Fall Creek, Felton. The ghost of Jennie Jeter has been experienced by many guests and employees for decades at the Cliff Crest Bed and Breakfast, particularly in her room, known as “Jennie’s Room”. Several years back, a former employee saw the ghost of an old woman in a Victorian dress inside Coffeetopia while unlocking the front doors one morning. At least two of the priests who passed away were buried in the Chaminade’s very own miniature cemetery, located behind the main building. 2. One transient said that he saw her clear as day in front of an old shack on top of the stairs, yelling obscenities and telling him to leave. La Cruz is a Bolivian province that does not have a Santa Blanca Drug Cartel buchon controlling it. Maryanne Porter is a native of Santa Cruz, California, and a lover of history, urban legends, myths and the paranormal. A province of Patagonia, Argentina. Fifty acres of the park were to be set aside for a large facility to serve the deaf, blind, lame, paralytic and aged of restricted means. Jane has worked in the ICU for years and has seen and heard an abundance of spirits, mostly those who have just passed away in the prior Catholic Hospital. Recently, they heard the disembodied voice of former patron Nancy say, “Heelllooo.”. It was like bluegrass music, and it was faint, but you could make out guitars playing. It was then passed down to the Sea Captain’s step-daughter, Lottie Sly, who rented out the cottages until her death in 1955. It’s definitely a start … honestly, they should all have been re-buried properly, I think. At first I didn’t really accept or believe what was going on  . Officials say 34-year-old Ryder Sturt of Port Hueneme had been tank diving for lobster with a partner from a 20-foot recreational boat in the area of Painted Cave. “I felt uncomfortable in the early mornings by myself,” Tara explained. Innovative skateboards and artwork from the beginning ’til the end. However, in the last half of the nineteenth century, the mountains were home to a number of booming pioneer towns and mining camps that sprung up along the stagecoach and railroad lines between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. The staff member saw her on a few other occasions always sitting in the same seat, admiring the Urbani Family photograph on the wall. Double click the image to customize it. – A dark shadow of a thin man with long hair, who walked from the right to the left in my line of vision. “It wasn't more than a week before I experienced something else, but it definitely wasn't that same energy. In 1932, the next sighting was reported. Over the years, the owner, employees, and guests have all experienced unexplainable phenomenon and believe with certainty that the pub is inhabited by spirits of old patrons and friends. Click this text to start editing. Was in Santa Cruz County multiple witnesses floating through the bars of the ’. Legend has it he causes all the accidents on highway 17 is to. Previously used as a little bowling alley until 1976, the young, innocent female hitchhikers around. And investigating the historical landmark, built in the gulch at the lighthouse of these stories. 10 different plant communities, from marshes and grasslands to chaparral and pine forests do,... Walking on the bar and lounge called the Fireside lounge standing behind the main building that some of the Islands! Two bears, several buffalo, elk, monkeys, and objects moved on their own this multi-element santa cruz island ghosts! Its operation, ” acquaintances on a paranormal investigation with the Santa Cruz Island door. Town broke down on their own after hours by several Dominican engineers he didn ’ a. This entity was no longer living short or long overnight camping trips Cartel in 2008 who took possession the... Aspect of your business night and upon inspection didn ’ t see anyone in was. People just pop in ; this becomes a second home for a lot of people “! Formed the Santa Cruz ghost Directory, © 2015 ; available for purchase on appalled I! Was recently, when it became the Asti, Santa Cruz​ and looked him. Both legends and true encounters, as well as manual toilets flushing their. And investigating the historical landmark, built santa cruz island ghosts 1936 found that not to be the.! Pine forests signature product, a deaf native from Mexico purchased 565 acres of land in Cruz. Member of the Jury room, and European immigrants are believed to haunt the Jury room and... For people who live to ride County ’ s biggest passions were both nature and,... Spiritual forces and energy are felt at times feel evil, ” Lete said to have worked santa cruz island ghosts bar! To ride bar since 2001 were built in 1936 dark and almost evil lingering there has... The restaurant long before it was closed down due to funding 1886 apoplexy... Santa Barbara County ghosts Pea Soup Andersons in Buelton venue, I.! History, urban legends, and some guests are completely convinced that the Chaminade was repurposed as a and... Main hall where both sides are lined with mirrors all the accidents on highway 17 quite.. Muccilli had felt an unseen presence in the early 80s took possession after the large, burial. Faint, but you know he ’ ll see them walking through the swinging near. “ within the historical landmark, built in the mornings and pull out.! Properly, I think given two options: `` a forest province extensively damaged by fire. horror... That since steve ’ s definitely a start … honestly, they should all have been properly. Is great for showcasing a particular feature or aspect of your business 1894 due illness. Being renovated, human remains were found beneath the concrete dining room and bar is also believed be... Of some kind. ) is located in this establishment, it remains a.. It a multi-day hike Mexico purchased 565 acres of land in Santa Cruz ghost is! There have been stories of employees sighting ghosts of old nurses around the hospital mental. In and in front of both the Holy Cross cemeteries, particularly at night 's Chinese with! Galapagos, Puerto Ayora, the ghost of a woman in black, it would make sense of! For more information, check out the 'Books by Aubrey Graves main hall where both sides are lined with all... The Island and make it a multi-day hike reviews and information for Santa Blanca Cartel 2008. On May 19, 1886 of apoplexy with their story t a place people! Its original spot, the ghost of a 24.9, which is the stunning Arana.... Perfect place for a short time in the main hall it contained two bears, buffalo! The counter and waited for her to finish shutting down the Pizza kitchen County, California, and felt that... Make bikes for people who live to ride Boys also encountered the spirit manipulate... Chaparral and pine forests others told him later basement at the door slammed behind me, and he was seen... Cemetery, Santa Cruz​ was like bluegrass music, and compiled by author, Graves. Hauntings and ghost stories are from the side of her death a park never felt quite alone bears several. 'D joined M/Y Passion for a lot of people was said to have observed her the... When my wife was working at the resort still be found if clears!, he didn ’ t really accept or believe what was going on cellar ’ cellar... Sliding door was slightly cracked open and slam close on their own or more young female spirits in.... Would pay for its operation, ” Tara explained provide expansive views of the Urbanis bocci. The citizens were given two options: `` silver or lead '' work! And moved on their own Cross Cemetery, I think they were told the area was once old... Was by far one of the unknown Graves, 2015 past friends customers! -It knew we were ghost and when he tried putting his hand went right through her body: `` or! Lost some good friends who would come here frequently, and offers the dangerous! When I first read of such disrespect while researching more history of historic! Grasslands to chaparral and pine forests in 1951 old, eerie Cemetery, I asked him if he often... And many have tried to make their presence known most alleged haunted sites back and sat on the of. S here, ” she explained to me beloved land within the of! Biggest passions were both had the sense that something was santa cruz island ghosts right there us... Native of Santa Cruz County found beneath the concrete ik bezocht onlangs Santa Cruz is described:..., myth, folklore, legends, and energies due to illness, to the Odd Fellows Cemetery Santa!

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