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The one-story L-shaped motel had a dozen rooms with an office in the center courtyard. Here are 15 of the most terrifying locations in … Rumored to be haunted, this spot is quite a spooky adventure! Oxnard, California. Rhode Island is home to some of the world’s scariest places and has countless captivating frightful tales. The 13 Creepiest Abandoned Places in California. Photo credit: flickr/isayx3. From a failed water park to a deserted town that was once a waterfront resort, you will be … Perhaps most high profile of the abandoned buildings in the city is the former Charity Hospital, which closed after Hurricane Katrina flooded its basement. Here are 10 of the haunted places in Southern California that you can head to and get the scare of your life. Discover 51 abandoned places in California. Once a popular stop for travelers, the Riverside Motel located along US-17 near the Georgia-Florida state line opened in 1954. 8 Abandoned Places In Southern California That Nature Is Reclaiming. Some of the doors still had rates visible on the … Flickr/Thomas Hawk. Although the 21st Amendment repeals nationwide prohibition in the United States, it allows for prohibition under state or local laws. The motel's sign advertised air conditioned rooms. I hope you guys enjoy this one! ... Riverside. best source of information on ghost towns in the U.S. Ghost towns are listed by state & include biographies, pictures, … Abandoned Places In California - George AFB - Restricted - Duration: 11:58. Updated on 10/16/2018 at 5:25 PM. There is no shortage of ghost sightings and spooky happenings in this historic state. Casa Sirena Seaside Resort. Abandoned in 2009, this once popular resort destination now stands frozen in time. Built in 1900, the building is haunted by several ghosts, including members of the Miller family who founded the hotel. In this episode we check out an abandoned powerhouse located in Riverside County! Mission Inn has been attracting ghost hunters for years now. The Abandoned All Boys Military School has been deserted since the 70's. These 15 Terrifying Places in Rhode Island Will Keep You Awake Tonight. Bannerman Castle is actually an abandoned military surplus storage facility. At $1 each, two shabby but spacious Victorian homes for sale in Riverside sound cheap. The Riverside Motel & St.Mary’s Liquors is located near the Florida/Georgia border but to start, a bit of context to the properties history. Jeff Goulding. It’s the required investment of time and perhaps hundreds of thousands of renovation dollars that will r… Bannerman Castle (Hudson River) This faded gem sits in the middle of the Hudson River on a 6-acre island. Controversy has surrounded its future since. By Grant Marek, and Daisy Barringer. These abandoned items, buildings and structures in Southern California provide a haunting look at what has been discarded from the past. Share Tweet.

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